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Apr 01


Mar 26

Van Gogh(ing) Along with Love

470878_428048447215556_667823821_oYunus Öztürk Photographer

I am a huge fan of Vincent Van Gogh, without actually knowing too much about him. I purchased a wonderful huge, art filled book on him and his art only to get it home and find that it was in French. I suppose I didn’t notice at the store because of the excitement of getting 75% off this beauty and my ability to read headlines in French without realising the language change. That though is the…

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Mar 18


Its not in my nature either.


Its not in my nature either.

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Mar 12

Gypsy Soul ~ Lonely vs. Aloneness

Gypsy Soul ~ Lonely vs. Aloneness

gyspy hammock file3741269929167

A person possessing a gypsy soul is at peace with herself (I am using the feminine but it can of course be a male gypsy soul also). By at peace I mean to say that she has a strong sense of self, holds her beliefs with conviction, has an enviable self-esteem. Because of this those who possess a gypsy soul take refuge with their own soul and are at rest with themselves. Aloneness fits as a second…

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Mar 11

Brown Girls Publishing Invites Manuscripts from Fiction/Nonfiction Authors -


Bestselling authors Victoria Christopher Murray and ReShonda Tate Billingsley have launched a new publishing company called Brown Girls Publishing which will publish agented and unagented digital books in a broad selection of genres.

Murray is the bestselling author of more than 20 novels and…

Mar 07


Do not worry my sweet one, often its just when you’re ready to give up that your #miracle arrives! #notsalmon #expectmiracles


Do not worry my sweet one, often its just when you’re ready to give up that your #miracle arrives! #notsalmon #expectmiracles

Mar 03

One Selfish Bitch - I am

One Selfish Bitch – I am


Even though I am an adult woman, I still wanted my mother to be my mother rather than I be a friend to her. It is not my proudest moment but it is a truthful one. I will continue to love her unconditionally, in death, just as I do the rest of my family, but I am one selfish B***h if I do say so myself. She happened to be my best friend and I can only hope she felt I was hers too. My love for her…

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Feb 28

Hope Minus Hope

Hope Minus Hope

Hope Minus Hope – (a free-write)

Without the frigid

Lullaby of midnight

That chills me

Fights me – keeps me closer

To myself

How could I ever languish

On sun-lit pavement

Appreciating rays of hope

To warm me – spark me

Light my inner fire

To see me though

To the other side

Of living hell

When sets the sun

This winter’s eve

And many more.

Winter Forest

“Winter Forest” Monoprint 2011 


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Feb 25




from the book GYPSY WISDOM titled:

The Gypsies

 By Charles Godfrey Leland These are very old gypsy quotes dating to 1886

“A real witch, my child, has eyes like a bird, the corner turned up like the point of a curved pointed knife. Many Jews and un-Christians have such eyes. And witches’ hairs are drawn out from the beginning [roots] and straight, and then curled [at the ends].When Gentile witches…

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Feb 17

Canada Has Already Won the Olympics -

Sorry for being so awesome all the time - Love that line!